Who Wears Butt Enhancing Panties?

Our booty pads are one of the best-kept Hollywood secrets when it comes to shaping and enhancing famous bottoms.

Envious of all those round and curvy bottoms? You can get the same look instantly with our Booty Pad and Hip Enhancer panty! We offer booty pads made from foam and silicone, and graded by size. For every-day use, we recommend foam booty pads, which are comfortable and don’t make you sweat. For special occasions (or if you think someone may “slap” your booty), we recommend our natural looking light weight silicone booty pads. Just try and see for yourself! Once you try those, you’ll be back for more.

Our booty pad panties are worn by thousands of women from various background, color, and age range. From the teenager who wants to impress her new boyfriend, to the baby-boomer who has lost her curves, they all realize there is an easy alternative to countless hours in the gym or surgical hip or butt enlargement.

In some cultures, having a curvy plump bottom is especially valued. Some women have a slender and light bone structure, which often translates into less pronounced butt. For other women, having a well-rounded butt is a symbol of youth and fertility. While virtually every woman would benefit from having a pair of our booty pad panties, the list below presents our most frequent type of booy pads customers:

  • Women with slender body structure who are considering plastic surgery with silicone implants for butt enlargement
  • Brides to be, who want to look their best on the special day
  • Women whose body has lost its natural curves and shape
  • Dancers, Models, Athletes, Celebrities, and Entertainers, who always need to look good
  • Crossdressers who are trying to increase their femininity.
  • Women with a bony bottom, who feel uncomfortable sitting without padded support for a long period of time.
  • Anyone else who needs a little boost to feel sexier on a daily basis or for their special occasion
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