Types of Butt Augmentation

Going under the knife is a serious matter.  Not only does it cost thousands, but often, the associated risks outweight the benefits, and can potentially ruin your life. Fortunately, there are ways to enhance your butt without an invasive procedure (and/or breaking your bank account).

So let’s get to the point. What is your butt composed of?

The muscle found in the buttocks is called “gluteus maximus”, and is the largest and strongest muscle in the body. There are several ways to make this muscle appear larger. The simplest way would be to buy padded panties, simply because it’s painless, cheap, and it works instantly.

For those who would choose another path, below are several ways to augment your booty:

Exercise and Butt-Enhancing Drills

Try some long-range butt enhancing exercises. It’s not going to make your butt bigger in a matter of one week (or even a month), but it will lift your derriere, and eventually create a natural bump through heavy, hard-core exercises like leg press, lunges, and dead lifts.


This is an invasive procedure that transfers fat from another part of your body to your butt. If you don’t have excess fat anywhere, it will have to be taken from somewhere else. Unfortunately, fat will most likely get absorbed naturally in the body, thus causing the butt to “deflate” (which would require another liposculpture procedure)

Body Contouring

This is a combination of liposculpture and surgery, which is done to “fix” imperfections in the buttocks like one cheek being bigger than the other or sagging butts, etc.

Butt Implants

One of the fastest (but most risky) of all types of augmentation is butt implants. Before putting yourself through the knife, make sure you are aware of all the risks of allergic reactions, infections, failed expectations, or delayed healing, among other possible complications.

Butt Injections

We discussed the danger of butt injections in our previous article “Butt Injections and Why They Are All Dangerous”. If you decide you want to try butt injections, make sure you read about all possible complications.

And remember, don’t go overboard! Natural looking booty is always better looking than inflated, out of proportion butt. Stay tuned, we’ll talk more about this in our next article.

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