Soft Coccyx – Keep Comfortable While Pregnant

Soft coccyx is the medical term for pain around the soft tissue of your small tailbone. It is caused by trauma (falling and landing on your tailbone), infections, prolonged stress on your butt because of sports, or extended sitting periods. For pregnant women, it is caused by the baby pushing against the tailbone.

The soft coccyx is often misdiagnosed as back pain because it can cause pain from your lumbar spine to your pelvis. The pain can even be so severe just standing or moving from a sitting position. Without going into complex medical details, when the joint in your coccyx is pushed forward, it will cause muscle spasms or pain.

There are several ways to be more comfortable when suffering through soft coccyx although before doing anything, check with your doctor to confirm the cause of your pain. This way you can move forward and get the right treatment immediately. It will also prepare you for the time when your labor starts. With pregnant women, there are very little options as far as treatment is concerned. You cannot take pain killers, over-the-counter drugs, or go through the usual tests and treatments for tailbone pain.
The easiest solution is a butt pad which you can buy built-in in underwear or as a separate pad. The pads will balance the weight, correct the posture, and relieve the pain, while sitting.

You can also try frequent breaks from sitting and brisk walks so you don’t sit in one position for too long. Try to squeeze in some “Me time” with massages or long warm baths. You could also apply cold compress and sleep on your side. Whatever you decide, keep in mind pain will go away once your bundle of joy is born.

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