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Tell us your story! If we, at Silicone Body, have made a difference in your life, or you received a compliment you’ve always dreamed of hearing, we’d love to know about it. Tell us about your experience with our customer service, tell us your thoughts and ideas, write padded panties reviews – we want to hear from you!

“Here is my review – I love this padded pantie! Now I have so many more choices in pants. They are so natural and they just give me enough “umph” without making it obvious. I just wish you had swimsuits too. That would be awesome.”

Laura, WI

“I purchased the silicone pop up booty enhancer. My review is that I am very pleased with the product. I’m wondering if I can just purchase more panties without the pads.”

Dorothy, OH

“I just received my Hip & Butt Enhancer and am totally delighted – thank you so much. I was worried they would look false and even add too much to my bottom and hips, but they are just subtle enough to add that little extra shape. Originally, I only intended to use them for a few dresses I have that I have always wanted that little bit more shape, but WOW in jeans too. So happy I am going to buy some more – thank you again. Great service too – 100%.”

Kimberly, UK

“Because of my thin body, by butt bone felt like it was going through concrete when I sat down. I’d tried other butt panties with no success. When I sat down with the pair I purchased from, it felt cushioned but not artificial. No hard bumps to cause a different kind of pain. Very natural looking. I now own three pairs with plans to purchase more. Love Em!”

Darlene, FL

“Such a quick shipment and reply! Truly impressed with your service!”

Summer, ID

“Thanks very much , got my order yesterday. Very impressed with the quality. Also very impressed with the level of service received from you.”

Nick, DC

“Silicone Body rocks. Thank you for giving me a new butt without surgery. I skinned off my cheeks in a bike wreck and now I have a butt – thank you! Post this review if you want. This is my first online purchase ever and I got everything you promised me.”

Danna, KY

“On a daily basis I am surrounded by constituents of all walks. During the lunch period one of the VPs advised me I had lint on my slacks… hmmm I said to him “what are you doing looking at my booty?”. He said “I couldn’t help it..” a week ago I was walking in the lobby area. I turned back to say hello to an associate VP. He looked embarassed and admitted he’d been watching me walk away. Silicone Body, kudos to you! People watch and people do make comments; age and gender make no difference. Thank you!”

Anny, MA

“I received my butt booster today and I am in love! I was very sceptical when I ordered and really thought I’d be returning it. I am definitelly not returning it, and will definitelly be ordering more. Thanks for your great product. It does EXACTLY what you said it woud.”

Lori, CA

“OMG! This is the best purchase I could have made for myself! Before I had my son I used to have a sexy shape with an amazing butt. Over the years I began to lose weight… as well as my curves. I started to feel really uncomfortable with myself and I couldn’t wear certain clothes because without curves I felt like a little kid! I was even considering butt injections just to look good. Recently I googled “butt pads” and Silicone Body popped up.. boy am I glad! I ordered the Bootyfull panties and just received them a few days ago. I am so happy! They make me look amazing! I can actually wear the cute brazilian style jeans now and look awesome because of the butt underwear! I have so much more confidence in myself! I really recommend!! I’m actually so happy that I plan on buying a few more in different styles! thank you so much, Silicone Body!”


“I ordered several items from your company. I have ALWAYS had slim boy hips and flat backside. I would always have to get my jeans from the men/boys section. And they still fit badly. So I had to buy large tops to cover my hips and butt region. To make matters worse I am a regular sized woman, but have very large breasts. So I looked like a champagne flute wide at the top and narrow towards the bottom. After many years of having to buy large shapeless tops and men’s pants to cover, I became very depressed, because I was a very feminine woman having to buy men’s clothes. That would wear on a person’s psyche after a while. I bought your products and thought I would try it, but probably be disappointed that the shape would not show, just flatten against my body and the hips would be located not where hips should anatomically be and look funny.”


“OH MY GOD, I looked fabulous. The shapewear was exactly were a normal woman’s hips and behind would be! I had literally a J-Lo behind and hips, and since everything was in the right place and looked smooth, my stomach flattened out. And with my ample breasts, flat stomach and curvy hips and butt, I looked TOTALLY different that I cried for a long time. Happy tears! Thank you for your wonder products. I received everything in a timely fashion. This changed my life.”


“I just want to let you know that I love my new butt! I am so impressed I plan to order more!”


“I would just like to say that I just received my Unforbuttable shapewear today. I could not wait to try them on as my experience in the past with other padded panties has been that you could see the pads and seams through my pants and dresses and it met with much disapproval. However, when I tried on your product, I could not believe how real they felt because of the gel padding and also how they were truly undetectable under clothing because there were not seams! OMG! It was like a dream come true.”


“I am a woman who has lost over 112 pounds and the drastic weight loss left me with a much smaller booty. But thanks to your product I have curves to die for! Let me tell you, my husband didn’t even know I had them on, he just kept expressing how turned he was getting just watching me walk, it was hysterical! I had men of all races checking me out so, that I thought he as going in the ring with them (lol). I LOVE MY PADDED PANTIES! They were worth every dime. Now I feel so sexy, complete and secure with them on that it has truly boosted my confidence level in my new body. Thank you Silicone Body. Now my body is bootylicious for ya babe!”


“I ordered the silicone padded pantie. I was sceptical to order at first. When I got the pantie, I couldn’t believe it. Such a big difference! Please keep making these! I feel so much sexier!”


“Just got off from the post office with my order, got home fast to try on my new padded panties and see if it fits and how it looks on me. Just unbelievable, so many years wishing for a nice profile, and with the silicone pads my wish came true. I am so, so happy, thank you, Silicone Body:) Love”


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