Padded Panties Guide

Padded panties are an easy and convenient way to get a rounder, more feminine butt. Padded underwear will transform your boyish figure into gorgeous feminine curves in the snap of a figure. You can get curves instantly and look like a better, curvier version of you.

But how do you choose padded underwear? There are so many styles out there. Do you choose formed padded panties, or should you stick to regular padded underwear with removable pads? Should you choose panties with butt pockets, or should you choose a butt lifter, which acts as a butt bra to lift your behind?

Many questions remain unanswered, so we decided to pull up a guide to padded panties, which will help you choose the best padded underwear style for you. So, here we go:

Different types of padded panties:

  • Preshaped padded panties – they are also called formed padded panties. You will distinguish these padded panties from other types of padded underwear by simply looking at the backside of the panties. They are preshaped and premolded. The backside actually looks like an actual human bottom, but slightly enhanced. The pads are built-in the underwear. You simply wear this type of padded panties, and your butt will pop from the behind. The advantage of this type of padded booty panties is that they are simple “wear and go” type of panty – no pads to be adjusted, and no danger that the pads will move into the butt pockets. The disadvantage of this padded panty is that the pads are made out of foam, and don’t look as realistic as silicone padded panties.
  • Padded panties with removable butt pads – this is the classic padded underwear. The panties have butt pockets. You insert the butt pads in the pockets and your butt pops instantly. This type of padded panties come in many different styles – bikini, boyshorts, mid-waist, low-waist, and high-waist. The fabric differs as well – from steady lycra and cotton to delicate lace. The main advantage of this style of padded panties is that you can choose different shape and size for the butt pads. You can choose between foam and silicone pads. If you choose silicone, the look is very realistic, making you look like a better, curvier version of you. The disadvantage of this type of padded panties is that the butt pads may move within the pocket putting you in embarrassing situations, thus, choose carefully the style and quality of your new purchase.

  • Hip and butt padded panties – this style of padded panties enhances both, the hips and the buttocks. The pads wrap around the body creating a feminine, hourglass figure. This style of padded panties is very popular among our transgendered customers. The hip and butt enhancers create curves where it’s hard to create otherwise. The most popular type of hip and butt padded underwear is the type with foam pads. The pads are removable for easy washing. Hip and butt padded panties have a variation with silicone butt pads, however due to the fact that silicone is heavy and may cause sagging, they are not very popular.

  • Padded panties with waist slimmer – this style is becoming more and more popular. This padded underwear is either preshaped or has removable butt pads, however, the garment is high waist with a slimming tummy effect. If you are looking for two-in-one padded panties, which also decreases your waist – try this style of padded panties. You will get an hourglass figure instantly.

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