How to Wear Breast Lift Tape?

Figure 1: Place the paper side to face your skin. Remove half of the paper (at the dotted line). Place the adhesive part at the bottom half of the lifter. Crescent shape should be pointing downward against your breast just above the areola. Press firmly the adhesive part.


Figure 2: Remove the paper from the top half of the lifter. Pull the upward up to desired position.


Figure 3: Press firmly the adhesive part on the top half of the lifter against your breast. Follow steps 1-3 for both breasts

Application Tips:

1. Buy it here
2. If you need a bigger lift, pull up more.
3. If you are afraid that tape would show, feel free to trim it.
4. Remove tape from lower to upper side.
5. Discontinue using if skin becomes irritated.

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