How To Fix A Sagging Booty?

You are over the age of 40 and you’ve always looked great. You ate right, you exercised, you didn’t smoke, and you took your vitamins. You looked great in clothes, but recently you notice that Mother Nature is taking its toll. You see some excess skin sagging in your booty area, and you are puzzled – what happened?

Unfortunately, with age, our bodies take a downturn. Skin no longer has the elasticity it used to have, and it gets harder and harder to retain muscle, which keeps the skin intact.  What are our options when our booty starts sagging?

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is an invasive, expensive and risky surgical procedure for women who find that gravity is getting stronger than their aging, mushy, flat and quickly sagging buttocks muscles. The biggest problem with this procedure is that it doesn’t address the most powerful ingredient in the female buttocks – the muscles.


  • Instant results


  • Very expensive
  • Very risky
  • Results are not permanent

Butt Lifting Exercise

Butt lifting exercises are a simpler, less expensive, less risky and more effective option for lifting, firming and reshaping your dropping buns into a sculpted and sexy work of art. These can be done at home – with no weights and no gym machines.


  • Healthy way to achieve sexier buttocks


  • It takes a lot of time to see results


Butt Shaping Underwear

Butt lifters are an instant way to lift your bottom. They act like a bra for the booty by lifting the buttocks and keeping their round shape. You look sexier and younger instantly.


  • Instant fix for sagging booty
  • Cheap alternative to plastic surgery
  • Many styles to choose from


  • None known

What option will you choose?

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