Butt Injections Can Ruin Your Health

More and more often we hear about women undergoing severe trauma because of butt injections. Take the case of Fiordaliza Pichardo, 43, who agreed to butt injections along with her sister, Clara Tolentino, 35. Clara did not have as many injections as Flordaliza, but now fears for her life. Flordeliza died from silicone injected into her buttocks, which later migrated into her lungs.

Liquid silicone is not approved for use on humans internally. Any form of injection is strictly black market and not approved by FDA. There are legal ways to get butt augmentation, which are not as dangerous, and are indeed legal. The problem with surgical butt augmentation is the cost; such procedures can go as high as $7,000 per procedure, while the black market offers the same perks for as low as $250 for a package of 20 injections – all using industrial grade silicone.

It isn’t just that one can die from silicone injections, but the death is slow and painful. Doctors have described the process as “agonizing” for the patient that includes convulsions, difficulty in breathing, coma, auto-immune distress, tumors, abscesses, and complete poisoning of the body.

A piece of advice – stay away from “pumping parties”. Get active, find that old bike, or hit the gym! If nothing else helps, a butt lifter may be all you need.

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