How to Shape and Sculpt Body Based on Body Type

Different Body Types and How to Shape Them

The Hourglass Figure is the most sought after and the rarest in pure form. Only 7% of the female population has this body type. The three most common deviations of hour glass figure are Pear Shape (bottom heavy), Apple Shape (top & stomach heavy), and Square Shape. While no one can change genetics, body shaping with different bodyshapers certainly could do sculpting and smoothing the unsightly parts, and exaggerate the assets. While diet and exercise definitely help, we can’t fight Mother Nature.

So, what is YOUR body type? You weren’t blessed with that perfect shape? No problem – we got you covered! Let’s do some shaping and sculpting with body shapers, and instantly feel like a million bucks! Everyone will notice, but no one will know!

The PEAR body type has wider hips and smaller upper body. The distribution of fat is located mainly in the buttock and thighs area. Women with such shape have a larger butt, big thighs, and small chest and breast. About 21% of the female population has this kind of body structure. How to fix it? To decrease hips and exaggerate buttocks, try this Thighs Slimming Shaper. If for some reason you have back rolls (although not typical for this body type), try a All-in-One Body Shaper. Just wear and check yourself in the mirror!

The APPLE body type has bigger shoulders and smaller hips. Women with this body shape have slim legs, however their tummy and chest are wider and out of proportion to the rest of their body. Fat is located mainly in the stomach and waist area. About 25% of the female population has this body type. So, what to about it? The instant fix to balance your body is Padded Panties and a Waist Cincher. Now you can finally button those pants, and/or look gorgeous in all those tight fitting dresses.

The Square body type is pretty even from shoulders to hips. Fat is distributed in the abdomen, buttocks, and chest. Overall impression is a “ruler” impression. About 47% of the female population has this body type. This body type is also typical for crossdressers and alternative life styles. So, how do you fix it? First, try Padded Underwear. If that’s not enough, add Tummy Cincher Slimming Belt. And last, you can try an All-in-One Bodyshaper which is specifically designed to create an hourglass figure. What do you think?

Flabby Butt Syndrome

While most of our customers complain from flatness, there is a rising percent of women (and men who are concerned that age takes its tall. They mention their sagging butt cheek skin, and they wonder how come that doesn’t go away with exercise. Well, it can’t. No matter how hard you train a muscle, no amount of exercise will shrink exessive skin. Female bodies are expecialy prone to the “sagging butt syndrome”. After the age of 40, or after big weight fluctuation, skin doesn’t retract easily. Our solution? Get a butt bra. Butt lifter Bootysome instantly pops out your booty without any padding. The secret – ultra compressive fabric. You’ll just get the lift as if you were wearing a push up bra when faced with a sagging breast. That’s what it is – push up bra for the butt. Read more about booty shapes and how to get a perfect booty on our bootyshaping board.

Hip-to-Waist Ratio – The Secret Rule of Attractiveness

It’s well-known secret that the hip-to-waist ratio is what makes women attractive for men. It’s not enough to have curves, it’s more important that they are at the right places. The hip-to-waist ratio is simply a measurement of the circumference of the narrowest point of the waist to that of the widest point of the hips. A ratio of 0.7 is considered sexiest by all means. For some reason men relate this ratio (0.7) to youthfulness and fertility. Ratio over 0.81 and under 0.65 breaks the body symmetry, thus decreases the attractiveness. Here is where body shapers come useful – you can increase the curves where needed, and decrease the bulges that bother the eye. When diet and exercise can’t help, try sculpting the body with body shapers.


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