Before & After Butt Enhancers

You quietly envied all women blessed with curvy hips and buttocks, but your options were limited. Unfortunately, the hips and butt are areas that do not respond well to diet or exercise. Good News – you don’t have to deal with the flat butt syndrome anymore. There is an instant, easier way to achieve the bigger butt you’ve longed for, the Silicone Body butt enhancers. Fake the butt you have always wanted! No more shapeless, flappy, saggy, droppy, bony butt! Welcome your rounder, bubbly, curvy bottom. Below are shown many types of butt enhancer and padded panties, which will help you make your savvy choice:

Seamless Padded Panties UNBUTTLIEVABLE – invisible butt enhancer with a “secret” double layer of fabric that hides the pads and makes the panties look like normal underwear on the outer side. Hidden butt pads graded by size. Everyone will turn green when they suddenly see you looking better, but they won’t know! Available in beige/black and size S-XL. Be UnBUTTlievable!

butt enhancer – before & after

Hip and Butt Booster BUTTOHOLIC – your favorite hip and butt enhancer is back! A smooth, silk-like padded underwear that has two removable 8-shaped pads providing maximum projection. Pads hug firmly your hips and buttocks and create an hourglass figure instantly! Available in beige/black and size S, M, L. All-day comfort. Become a BUTTOHOLIC!

hip & butt enhancer – before & after

Brazilian Butt Enhancer – pre-shaped molded butt enhancer that looks like a butt itself when you look at it without wearing it. Pads are built in the underwear. Just slip-n-go to entirely re-shape your bottom. Available in beige and size XS-XL. Very natural. Up to 1.5″ projection. Fake it till you make it.

brazilian butt enhancer- before & after

Padded Booster BUTTNESS – the new generation of booty shapers is here! Triple layer of fabric hides foam bum pads graded by size. Panties look like regular underwear on the outer side. FAKE looks REAL with these buttock enhancers! Available in beige; size S-L. Very durable. Put your Buttness on!

butt enhancer – before & after

Silicone Pop Up Booty Enhancer – our sexiest silicone butt booster with removable light (yet thick) silicone pads. Boyshort blends great with all kinds of clothing – from evening gowns to shorts. Available in beige lace; sizes S-L. Make your booty pop!

pop up booty enhancer – before & after

Padded Panties Booty-fornia – a powerfull butt booster with removable hidden foam pads. These briefs with boyshort design are comfortable for all-day use without sweating, moving, or identation. Try it with our Featherweight Silicone Pads for even more seamless appearance. Available in beige/black; size S-L. Welcome to Booty-fornia!

butt enhancer – before & after

Unforbuttable – new kind of padded underwear that you can wear at the beach (in black). Notice – no seams, no pad edges – just seamless integration and roundness. Panties look like normal shorts on the outer side. Natural looking silicone pads that won’t get heavy when wet. Available in white/black and size S-L. Tripple layer of durable swimwear fabric. Be Unfor-BUTT-able!

booty enhancer – before & after

Padded Panties BOOTYFULL – lace derierre enhancing bum bikini. Removable concave foam enhancer pads for the most natural look! Our smaller-frame customers’ favorite. Available in beige, sizes S-L. This is the original butt enhancer BOOTYFULL! Don’t be fooled by imitations. Get BOOTYFULL!

booty enhancer – before & after

Hip and Butt Enhancer BUTTILICIOUS – with removable foam pads. Silicone Hip and Butt Pads for the ultimate natural look are also available. High waist to smooth your love handles. Buttocks enhancers hardly look real, but this padded hips and butt garment blends extremely well with jeans and looks very natural. Available in beige; sizes S-L. Be Buttilicious!

hip enhancer – before & after

Butt Enhancer BUTTSTANDING – a popular low rise variation of our Brazilian Butt Enhancer with extra thick molded pads. Light and sexy. Available in pink and black. Size S-L. You will fall in love with this pre shaped, pre molded garment.

butt enhancer – before & after

Padded Hips Enhancer HIPNESS – this hip padded panty with g-string behind will give you some hips and will lift your buttocks. Wear it with non-sheer, non-transparent clothing to avoid edges. Great for boyish figures or crossdressers. Available in beige. Size S-L. So cool!

hip enhancer – before & after

BOOTYNORMOUS Padded Panty – Extended legs butt enhancer with two THICK removable pads. If you need more than regular extension, this is your product! Besides extending your behind to the max, it also provides cushioned support for those spending long hours sitting. Excellent for those who have coccux pain, or soft tail bone. Available in beige. Size S-L.

booty enhancer – before & after

Padded Panties BUTTASTIC – foam padded firm girdle, which will smooth your love handles, while giving you a cute round booty. Thick round removable pads, graded by size. If you like high-waist panty, this one is for you. Available in beige. Size S-L. Durable and breathable.

butt enhancer – before & after

Silicone Padded Panty – enhancer with round silicone gel butt pads. Excellent for correcting posture as well. Best seller for 2 consecutive years. High-rise panty style also hides your love handles. Available in beige, black. Size S-L. Very real.

butt enhancer – before & after

The Package Booster – this butt and crotch enhancer for men was made by popular demand. Removable front and back pads, made out of foam, balance upper and lower body and increase the manhood. Close to 0% returns for over a year. Available in black. Size S-L. There is a reason we named it The Package Booster! Give it a try – you’ll be back for more.

crotch enhancer – before & after

Padded Briefs for Men – the mens version of our most popular built-in padded underwear for men! Offered in rich black color; with 2″ thick built-in pads, the Padded Briefs offer the invisible ego boost you have been longing for. One piece slip-on-n-go! Size: S-L

butt enhancer for men – before & after

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