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Why Is America So Fixated on Kim Kardashian?

kim kardashianFrom the way Kim Kardashian is being publicized, tweeted, or photographed,  it’s hard not to wonder why America is so obsessed with her ,and truly do want to “Keep Up with the Kardashians”.

She’s That Kind of Girl

Besides being gorgeous, Kim Kardashian is intriguing, charismatic, and controversial.  If it’s not her hair, it’s her make-up, or her outfit, or her recent divorce, but 99% of the time, it’s her oh-so-famous butt that gets the most attention.  America loves it!  The craze has gone so far that it created a “look-like-Kim’s-butt” rush for padded underwear and body shapers.

How Much Is Kim Worth?

Kim is a hard worker.  She has admitted in a recent interview that she and her sisters were never spoiled, they had to earn everything themselves, which prepared them for the adult world, and made them appreciate hard work and discipline.

Kim is not just a spotlight chaser, nor is she an air-headed celebrity.  She started as a celebrity stylist back then (remember the days she styled Paris Hilton?), and worked her way up to owning a jewelry, perfume, and clothing lines, as well as having investments in a weight loss program. She gets paid a five figure check for every episode of the Kardashians TV shows, and no, she doesn’t parade her butt in any of them. All the hype about her iconic figure comes from the media and fans.

Is she the new America’s sweetheart, or does she encourage a different kind of obsession? She’s certainly magnetic and beautiful, and she is not going out of the spotlight any time soon.  Maybe in 3 years (rumor has it she plans to have a baby then).  We’ll wait and see.  But then, who will be the next Kim K?

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