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Undesirable Butt Shape? Try Booty Shapewear!

Don’t like your butt shape?  You are not alone!

The most extreme measure you can take to fix your bottom is butt lift, butt augmentation, or butt injections.  Is it worth the risk and cost though?  No!

Silicone Body’s booty shapers can take your butt to the next level and create a whole new you without any pain, or recovery time.  The results are the same – rounder, curvier bottom and a sexier, more confident YOU (for less than $40 and no health risks).

According to plastic surgeons there are FOUR (4) basic butt shapes:

butt shape

1/ The Heart-Shaped Butt is also known as the prettiest and most desirable sexy butt. To get this butt shape without even trying, use our Brazilian Butt Enhancer or Butt Booster Buttstanding.  The built-in padding of these shapers instantly curve your bottom into a sexy heart-shaped butt.

2/ The Round-Shaped butt is the one also called “cherry”.  If you are lacking in the back department, try Bootynormous Padded Panty. The breathable fabric and the extra thick removable foam padding of will round you up, and give you this “cherry” look instantly.

3/ For women with the Square-Shaped butt (also called masculine looking butt), don’t you even worry!   We have the flattering Silicone Pop Up Booty Enhancer. This most complained about butt shape should no longer be a problem, at least not with this delicate lacy silicone buttocks our customers swear by. It’s often used as an emergency aid for brides and models.  If you prefer to use your natural assets, try Butt Lifter Bootysome, which has no padding, instead, just “pops up” your booty from behind.

4/ The Inverted V-Shaped Butt is the one that fans out at the sides and needs help in pulling it together for a body-hugging look. To fix an inverted booty, try our Slimming Body Shaper All-In-One (currently on sale).  It pulls in everything from thighs to abdomen and creates the body-hugging look that’s oh-so-sexy. It’s made from bamboo yarn, so expect no odor, and no sweat.

So, what is your booty shape?  Sexy is easy … all you have to do is look at our catalogs! We’ll take care of the rest.

Padded Panty Bootyfull

padded panty bootyfull

Our first creation, Padded Panty BOOTYFULL, has been a best seller for over four consecutive years.  Made of silky lace, bikini cut, this padded underware has removable butt pads.  The butt pads are concave, made of durable polyurethane, and covered with cloth.  The friction between the pads and the fabric makes the pads stay in place and literally mold to your booty.

While initially created for our smaller framed customers, Padded Panty Bootyfull has become a favorite among our younger customers who love the natural look and lift they receive when wearing this booty shaper.  This particular undergarment fits great with low rise jeans, skirts, and dresses.  The butt pads are literally undetectable under clothes.

Here is our latest review about this padded panty, which just made our day:

“I just received my order with padded panties bootyful today and want to thank you for getting them to me on such a timely manner. I love them. Again thanks”  E.R.

To learn more and order, check out what other customers have to say here.

How to Wear Breast Lift Tape?

breast lift tape

Figure 1:  Place the paper side to face your skin. Remove half of the paper (at the dotted line). Place the adhesive part at the bottom half of the lifter. Crescent shape should be pointing downward against your breast just above the areola.  Press firmly the adhesive part.


Figure 2:  Remove the paper from the top half of the lifter.   Pull the upward up to desired position.



Figure 3:  Press firmly the adhesive part on the top half of the lifter against your breast.  Follow steps 1-3 for both breasts



Application Tips:  

1. Buy it here

2. If you need a bigger lift, pull up more.

3. If you are afraid that tape would show, feel free to trim it.

4. Remove tape from lower to upper side.

5. Discontinue using if skin becomes irritated.


before and after breast lift