Butt and Hip Enhancers Padded Panties by Silicone Body
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Our padded underwear, butt enhancers, butt lifters, booty boosters, and booty bras are carefully designed to fit any body type and structure.  When you need curves right away, our Padded Panties Collection is your answer.  Featured on Tyra's show "Fix it or Flaunt it"! If you already own a pair of panties and just need butt pads, go directly to our Butt Pads Catalog. If you're a guy who needs a boost, go directly to our Padded Underwear for Men.  Scroll down and read who are the most frequent users of padded panties.

Padded Silicone Lace Panty
Silicone Pop Up Booty Enhancer
Removable Light Butt Pads
Leopard Padded Panties
Formed Padded Panties LEOPARD
Laser Cut Butt Booster
Padded Panties Zebra
ZEBRA Formed Padded Panties
Laser Cut Butt Booster
Laser Cut Padded Panties
Laser Cut Padded Panties
Formed Butt Enhancer
Preshaped Padded Panty
Brazilian Butt Enhancer
Preshaped Padded Underwear
Thick Pads Butt Enhancer
Preshaped Butt Enhancers
Padded Booty Booster
Padded Booster BUTTNESS
Panties with Hidden Removable Pads
Padded Underwear Low Rise
Padded Panties BOOTY-FORNIA
Removable Hidden Foam Butt Pads
Seamless Padded Panties
Seamless Padded Panties UNBUTTLIEVABLE
No lines Moderate Butt Padding
Foam Padded Panty
Padded Panties BUTTASTIC
Removable Cloth Covered Butt Pads
Silicone Padded Boyshorts
Silicone Padded with Hidden Pockets
Silicone Padded Panty
Silicone Padded Panty
Mid Waist Real Feel Panty
Hip and Butt Booster
Hip and Butt Booster BUTTOHOLIC
Removable Hip and Rear Pads
Hip Butt Padded Enhancer 4 Pads
Hip and Butt Enhancer BUTTILICIOUS
4 Removable Hip and Butt Pads
Padded Underwear No Seams
Extra Projection with Foam Pads
Sexy Butt Lifter
Butt Bra Perkiness
Sexy Butt Bra
Butt Lifter
Butt Bra Lifter BOOTYSOME
Visible Lift Without Pads
Padded Hip Panty
Padded Hips Panties HIPNESS
Removable Hip Pads
Brazilian Padded Panty
Padded Bikini BUTTITUDE
Subtle Sewn in Butt Pad
Waist Smoother with Butt Shaper
High Waist Padded Panties
Removable Hidden Butt Pads
High Waist Padded Shaper
Hourglass Figure Secret
High Waist Girdle with Removable Pads
Padded Panties Booty Full
Padded Panties BOOTYFULL
Very Natural Concave Butt Pads
Padded Underwear Cheap
Padded Panties REMARKABUM
6 Pack Padded Underwear


Why Buy Padded Underwear from Silicone Body?  

We started many years ago with one single product. We called it padded panties Bootyfull. At the time, there weren’t that many padded garments out there, just some granny looking girdles made from cheap, sweaty fabric. We figured light breathable fabric, concave padding, and low rise cut will fit just about everyone’s body structure and type. And that’s when it all started.
At the beginning, it was just a word of mouth. Just few months after Bootyfull went “live”, we could barely keep up with your demand, your suggestions how to improve the panties, and your valuable feedback. Encouraged, we started introducing other padded underwear styles. Years went by, and now we carry over 70 styles with over 300 combinations to choose from. We carry various body shapers, some designed by Silicone Body and based on your recommendations, others, made by other brands. Bottom line, we specialize in padded panties and butt enhancers. You can rely on us, because.. our duty is your booty!