Butt and Hip Enhancers Padded Panties by Silicone Body
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Frequently Asked Questions

We no longer sell padded underwear.This site is for informational purpose only and to help you choose the best padded underwear for you. We are referring you to our friends at another site for padded underwear who have the same quality padded panties at the same great prices. Happy shoping!


Benefits of padded panties and body shapers My order has defect. What do I do?
What else do you have? I need to return/exchange for another booty enhancer. How?
Do your shapers look natural under clothes?  
Do you wholesale?  
Why should I choose you over the rest? HELP ME CHOOSE
  Can I buy pads separately?
ORDERING & SHIPPING How big of a butt extension should I expect? 
I haven't shopped online - are you safe? 

What size shaping underwear should I order?

When will I get tracking info? How do I care for my new bottofm enhancer?
What kind of payment do you accept? Which one is your most popular enhancer underwear?
Do I need to pay sales tax? 
Do you offer catalogs? OTHER
How to change or cancel an order? How do I get a coupon?
How long should I wait for my order?  
Do you ship internationally? I have a blog - can I get a free samples?
Are you discreet - I don't want anyone to know. I have a question I don't see on this page






Who would benefit from wearing padded panties and body shapers?

While virtually every woman would benefit from having a pair of padded panties, here is a list of our most frequent types of customers:

  • Women with slender body structure who need booty enhancement
  • Brides to be who want to look their best on their special day
  • Women whose body had lost its natural curves and shape
  • Dancers, models, athletes, and entertainers who always need to look great.
  • Crossdressers who are trying to increase their feminity
  • Women with bony bottom who feel uncomfortable sitting without padded support for a long period of time
  • Anyone else who needs a litle boost to feel sexier on a daily basis or for a special occasion.
  • Check Who Wears It for padded panties reviews and celebrity buzz.  (Back to Top)

What else do you have?
We are constantly expanding our product line with new boosters, slimmers, breast enhancers, and other beauty accessories.  We suggest that you subscribe to our Mailing List; we'll let you know as soon as we launch a new product.  (Back to Top)
Do your shapers look natural under clothes?
Yes, our padded underwear is custom fit as a natural extension to YOUR bottom.  Panties accommodate your own bottom and give it a rounder, more symmetrical shape.  No one will know you are wearing padded panties unless you tell them you do.  EVERYONE WILL NOTICE, BUT NO ONE WILL KNOW!  (Back to Top)
Do you wholesale?
Temporary, we do not.  Please refer to our Wholesale section for further information.  (Back to Top)
Why should I choose you over the rest?

See why we are different from the rest out there.  Check our padded panties reviews.  And... draw your own conclusions.  (Back to Top)

I have not shopped online before.  Is your website safe to order?
Yes!  We use a third party secure provider, which is verified and protected by Versign.  Go under our shopping cart, and you will see it at the bottom right side.  Our checkout is 100% secure.  No one sees your credit/debit card informationo while you are processing, or after you have completed your order.  (Back to Top)
When will I receive an order confirmation and/or tracking information?
You will receive an order confirmation upon completing your order.  Make sure you check your SPAM folder if you haven't received it within minutes from placing the order.  You will receive a tracking confirmation the minute your order ships.  Make sure you have typed a correct email address upon placing your order to avoid possible frustration.  Just contact us if you haven't received it anyway.  (Back to Top)
What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.  Check out our Payment & Shipping page for more details.    (Back to Top)
Do I need to pay sales tax?
We charge sales tax to all orders shipped to addresses in California.  (Back to Top)
Do you offer catalogs?
We don't.  Our catalog is online.  If you need more information about particular product, call us.  We'll help you make a choice.  (Back to Top)
What is your Return/Exchange policy?
We offer 15 days "no questions asked" return policy.  Please check our detailed Returns & Exchanges page for a step-by-step guide how to return or exchange.  (Back to Top)
How do I change or cancel an order I've already placed?
If you find an error in the shipping address, or you decided to add more products, or cancel, contact us immediately.  If the order has not shipped, we'll make the adjustment.  If the order has shipped though, it's not eligible for cancellation or adjustment.  We can still send you extra garment (if you are adding to your order) at no extra cost.  (Back to Top)
How long should I wait for my order?
Depending on your location and the type of shipping you chose at checkout, if in USA, you should receive your order within a week (first class), 2-3 business days (priority mail), or the next business day (express shipping).  If you are located overseas, you should receive your order within 3 weeks from placing it (very often much faster).  Please check our Shipping & Payment page for more details.  (Back to Top)
Do you ship internationally?
We do.  In fact over 20% of our customers are located overseas.  Select your products, add them to the shopping cart, and find your country.  (Back to Top)
Are you discreet?  I don't want anyone to know what I have ordered.
Yes!  All orders arrive in a plain non transparent plastic envelope with no indication what's inside.  The shipper will show as "SB" rather than Silicone Body.  You are 100% safe.  (Back to Top)
My order is defective.  What do I do?
While this doesn't happen often, you may encounter factory defect.  Contact us and will make everything possible to fix the mistake.  (Back to Top)
I need to return and/or exchange for another item.  How?
Contact us for RMA (email requests is fulfilled faster).  Include the original packing list, the envelope you received the garment with, and include a note whether you want to return or exchange and for what size/style/color.  If you are just exchanging for another booty enhancer, the exchanging item will be shipped to you free of charge (does not apply to international orders).  We do not offer repaid labels for returns and exchanges.  Customer is responsible for any fees associated with the return/exchange.  Review our Return & Exchange policy for details.  (Back to Top)


Can I buy pads without panties?
Yes.  Check out our Butt Pads Catalog.  You can buy various shaped pads made from foam or silicone.  Make sure that the panties you bought will hold the heavier silicone pad styles.  (Back to Top)
How much of butt extension should I expect?
Expect an extension of up to 2", depending on the style you chose and your bone structure.  You can mix and match various pads from our Butt Pad catalog.  There will be VISIBLE difference no matter which style you choose to order.  People will see the difference, but will not know you are wearing padded panties.  They may ask you if you have been working out, or what is your pants' brand so that you look so flattering.  (Back to Top)
Try our Brazilian Butt Enhancer with almost 2" built in pads.  You can also add an extra set of butt pads to almost any style of booty enhancer you purchase.  Check our Pads Comparison Chart for more details.  (Back to Top)
What size padded panties, butt enhancer, or shaping underwear should I order?
Please refer to our Sizing Chart to pick your size.  If you fall in between sizes, feel free to contact us, and we will advise which is the best style/size to achieve the bottom you desire. When selecting size, refer to Pants Size first.  Weight is secondary as similar sized women's weight varies depending on body structure.  (Back to Top)
How do I care for my new bottom enhancer?
Every garment should be washed according to the waist label (and our website instructions).  (Back to Top)
Which one is your most popular butt enhancer underwear?
It's mainly a question of personal choice and body structure.  However, while we take pride in selecting our products carefully, we do have several bestsellers.  You can't get it wrong with Bootyfull, Buttness, Silicone Pop Up Booty, The Package Booster, or Unforbuttable(Back to Top)
I have a blog, and I want to write about your products.  Can I get a sample?
Absolutely.  We will have to review your blog first and make sure it's appropriate and related to our shaping underwear industry.  Your email request should be coming from the same domain name as your blog.  (Back to Top)
How do I get a coupon?
Subsribe to our exclusive Mailing List.  We share discounts all the time. You can also receive a discount by becoming our Facebook fan.  (Back to Top)
I have a question, which I don't see on this page
Contact us.  We will be glad to answer all your questions.  (Back to Top)