Butt and Hip Enhancers Padded Panties by Silicone Body
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If your flat bottom is the only reason you shy away from tight jeans - here is a trick - BUTT PADS!  Our Booty Pad Collection has silicone and foam padding for everyone.  For more natural look - try silicone booty pads.  If you are looking for all-day comfort - select Foam Butt Padding.   This catalog is made for our "pocket" panties, which have custom made pockets that hold the booty pads.  If you already have a set of panties, and want to try less or more subtle (or enhanced) booty look, this is the place to start.  You can compare all butt pads on the Compare Butt Pads chart

Light Silicone Butt Pads
Featherweight Silicone Pads
Light Weight Subtle Increase
Butt Padding Foam
Foam Butt Padding
Moderate Extension No Sweat
Silicone Gel Butt Pad
Clear Oblong Gel Pads
Drop Shaped Jiggly Pad
Silicone Gel Hip Booty Pads
Silicone Hip Butt Pads Set
Best Selling Clear Soft Set of 4
Teardrop Silicone Booty Pads
Drop Shaped Silicone Pads
Traditional Pads for Moderate Increase
Silicone Butt Pads Round
Silicone Butt Pads
Moderate Projection
Silicone Hip Booty Pad 4 Set
Nude Silicone Hip Butt Pads Set
Best Selling Natural-Look Set
Light Butt Padding
Infused Silicone Oblong Pads
Light Weight Subtle Enhancement


Why Wear Butt Pads 


Everyone has their reasons for wanting to try butt padding. While butt pads are purely aesthetic "want" for 80% of our customers, there are many others that really NEED them. Based on our customer feedback, we've noticed that the most common reasons for padding your booty are the following:

  • You want to look better instantly and you have a boyish body structure that doesn't respond to diet or exercise. You have a special occasion and you want to look your best.  Butt pads are just the answer.
  • Butt pads are commonly used among our alternative life style customers. They usually report looking 100% better even if they have undergone plastic surgery to make their bodies more feminine. By padding the booty and hips (which do not respond to plastic surgery), they instantly get curves where there were none before.
  • For those unfortunate people who have undergone an accident, and have lost substantial amount of their butt cheeks, custom butt pad may be the only way to even out their silhouette.  Besides the obvious pain of having to sit on almost bare bone, butt pads will make you feel and look better.
  • We have also received numerous letters from handicapped people who spend their days in a wheel chair.  Their doctors often recommend padding their behind so they can endure long hours sitting.  Track drivers, police officers, horse riders, and motorcyclists make another large group of our customers.  When sitting for too long, booty pads relieve the discomfort and protect the tail bone (coccyx or butt bone in medical terms)
  • Bikers make another group of our loyal butt pads users.  Silicone Body has been asked numerous times to make padded bike shorts.  We actually listened, and created few styles especially for bikers.
  • Last, but not least, let’s talk about coccydynia, a tail bone decease, which results in soft coccyx.  This happens when the butt bone has been damaged because of an accident or a serious fall.  Imaging falling hard on your booty from your snowboard or slipping on wet floor.  When struggling with Coccydynia, butt pads remain a last resort for temporarily butt pain relieve. Coccydynia is diagnosed by chiropractors or your primary physician.  Many chiropractors refer patients to us.